Hoxton Archive: Commissioned by Hoxton Hall, I am currently leading a new digital interpretive media project, that is anchored in the creation of a community archive focused on the recent history of the Hoxton Hall and the Hoxton neighborhood.

The Shoreditch Park Project, a cross-generational workshop series that will culminate in the production of an oral history mobile app for Shoreditch Park. The project is thematically focused on a neighborhood of postwar prefabricated homes that once stood in the area that is now Shoreditch Park. The project is funded by the UK Heritage Lottery Fund, and developed in partnership with Cranston Estate Tenant Management Organization, Hackney Museum, Hackney Archives, the Shoreditch Trust, and Hackney Community College.

A. Brooks A Brooks Art is delighted to present A. Brooks a new project by Dustin O’Hara. Before becoming a gallery, A. Brooks was a family run flower shop. For roughly 70 years the Brooks family sold flowers to their neighbours. Remembered by many local residents, the A. Brooks flower shop, and its family, became an integral part of the Hoxton landscape. The transition from a family run flower shop to a contemporary art gallery is emblematic of the wider changes currently unfolding across the neighbourhood. This exhibition mines the shop’s recent and personal history, as a way of reflecting upon both the personal lives that animated the flower shop and the wider collective identity of the Hoxton neighbourhood.

Game Design Workshops & Immersive Play Experience: three different game design workshops coming up at Modern Jago. Principles of game design, hacking games, and build your own game with scratch. We're also turning the entire school building into a giant game, 8 foot video game joy stick, remote control cars with video cameras, a classic penny arcade ring-a-ding game, and more.

Me You Hoxton Too, a series of walking tours, exhibition, and online publication exploring local knowledge of Hoxton residents. Commissioned by PEER participate.